Happy New Years!!

Happy New Year from the FABI family to yours!

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Dinner With the Family!

Recorded a short message with the family while cooking our traditional Weil Family Christmas dinner. It was a wonderful holiday season, and I hope you too enjoyed your time with family as well! Now that Christmas has passed, its time to give yourself the gift of FABI! As a reminder, through January 2nd, receive 50%…

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Christmas Comes Once a Year!

So Christmas is here at FABI, and we decided to share some Christmas cheer a little early. Between now and January 2nd, 2018, you can save 50% off your total ticket order for FABI 2018! Watch the email below for details… All you have to do is add the promo code “merry” when you check…

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Protected: Christmas Comes Once a Year!!

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Making 2018 Your Best Year Yet!

Have you ever wondered if you could make more money while working less? Well, its possible. At FABI, a big part of what we do is help Podiatrists make the most of the patients they already have. Whether its billing and coding, or ancillary revenue… there are lots of ways to generate more without working…

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A Podiatrist’s Best Time of Year!

This time of year is the best time of year for podiatrists, and doctors in general. Patients are looking at their deductibles, and making decisions on care based on those deductibles resetting January 1st! These are some of the things that we do to drive patient growth in the new year! Enjoy 🙂 www.FABI2018.com

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How Do You Recharge Your Batteries?

Everybody has their own way of recharging… for me, I spend time with my Family in Cabo. I recorded this short video to share with you, because as we come up to our busiest time of year, I thought it would be valuable for you to think about how YOU recharge your batteries. www.FABI2018.com

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Associates & Setting Expectations

As with all growing businesses, there comes a time when you need to consider expansion. In order for the success of your practice to be sustainable long-term, it will be important for you to make investments in other people along the way. On of the biggest investments you can make in your effort to up-level…

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Web Domination & Lead Working

When it comes to providing quality healthcare in the field of podiatry these days, there is one arena you have to dominate in order for your practice to stay profitable – the web. This is a crucial and non-negotiable element to the success of your clinic. Having a website, particularly a really good website, is…

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How to Interact with your Patients – Maximizing your time in the Treatment Room

There are certain aspects to running a successful podiatry clinic that need to be a priority when striving to make your practice profitable. Efficient use of your time as the healthcare professional, and how your time is spent when serving the patient, is paramount to up-leveling your practice. Your time with the patient in the…

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