Associates & Setting Expectations

As with all growing businesses, there comes a time when you need to consider expansion. In order for the success of your practice to be sustainable long-term, it will be important for you to make investments in other people along the way. On of the biggest investments you can make in your effort to up-level your podiatry practice is to hire an associate. This can be an intimidating prospect, and one that may seem like an overwhelming decision – that’s why we here at FABI are on your side to discuss the ins and outs of bringing new people onboard your practice.

This week, Dr. Matthew Dairman will be discussing an absolutely critical component in the associate selection process – setting expectations. There are many different things to consider when evaluating how compatible a potential associate hire might be. Only by thoroughly discussing expectations, not just your expectations of them – but their expectations of you – can you begin to gauge whether or not they are really the right person to help you run your practice. Listen to what Dr. Dairman has to say as he goes into more detail on the matter – check it out!


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