How to Interact with your Patients – Maximizing your time in the Treatment Room

There are certain aspects to running a successful podiatry clinic that need to be a priority when striving to make your practice profitable. Efficient use of your time as the healthcare professional, and how your time is spent when serving the patient, is paramount to up-leveling your practice. Your time with the patient in the treatment room should be a scripted, well-rehearsed process that varies only in accordance with the complexity of the pathology. In this week’s video, Dr. Richard Perez breaks down how to delegate specific check-points in the patient’s visit to your staff so that your time as the doctor can be put to the best use.

Dr. Perez emphasizes three specific strategies to focus on when aiming to maximize your efficiency in the treatment room. These areas of interest include balancing necessary tasks among the staff, following clear-cut protocols that have been developed for the pathologies you most commonly encounter, and making use of the myriad ways in which technology can streamline certain processes within your practice. Watch the video to hear Dr. Perez go into more detail.

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