Web Domination & Lead Working

When it comes to providing quality healthcare in the field of podiatry these days, there is one arena you have to dominate in order for your practice to stay profitable – the web. This is a crucial and non-negotiable element to the success of your clinic. Having a website, particularly a really good website, is no longer enough to stay ahead of the curve. This week, Dr. Chris Milkie will be discussing how to leverage your web presence to its highest potential so that you can dominate the market in your area.

Dr. Milkie hones in on a few key strategies that can really thrust your web presence into the spotlight and connect with potential patients. Certain things that may be applicable to your practice include offering same-day appointments, committing to same-day follow up on leads, and figuring out what buzz-words most resonate with the community you serve so you can market to them most effectively. Check out this week’s video to hear Dr. Milkie talk specifics and get down to business!


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