Associates & Setting Expectations


As with all growing businesses, there comes a time when you need to consider expansion. In order for the success of your practice to be sustainable long-term, it will be important for you to make investments in other people along the way. On of the biggest investments you can make in your effort to up-level…

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Web Domination & Lead Working


When it comes to providing quality healthcare in the field of podiatry these days, there is one arena you have to dominate in order for your practice to stay profitable – the web. This is a crucial and non-negotiable element to the success of your clinic. Having a website, particularly a really good website, is…

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How to Interact with your Patients – Maximizing your time in the Treatment Room


There are certain aspects to running a successful podiatry clinic that need to be a priority when striving to make your practice profitable. Efficient use of your time as the healthcare professional, and how your time is spent when serving the patient, is paramount to up-leveling your practice. Your time with the patient in the…

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The Production: On-Stage vs Back-Stage


When it comes to finding your ideal patients and engaging in your practice more, it is important to make sure you have the proper mindset. As doctors it is our duty and privilege to serve the community, but in order to really resonate with your patients you need to provide more than a simple service…

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Finding Your Ideal Patients


Branching off from last week’s topic of engaging in your practice, Dr. Richard Perez talks with us about how to see more of the patients that are of particular interest to you. Nothing helps reinvigorate your passion for practicing medicine like the opportunity to focus on conditions and ailments that interest you most. Figuring out…

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Engaging In Your Practice

In our posts the last two weeks, we heard from Dr. Lowell Weil Sr as he and I talked about the state of the medical industry and the trajectory we may be headed as healthcare providers. In the face of certain challenges it can be easy for many podiatrists to get worn-down and experience overwhelm,…

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Interview with Dr. Weil Sr (pt. 2)


We’re back this week with the conclusion of this two-part interview with my father, Dr. Lowell Weil Sr as he and I discuss the challenges that lie in store for private practices and the healthcare industry. If you missed part one of our chat, you can check it out here. Dr. Weil Sr weighs in…

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Interview with Dr. Weil Sr (pt. 1)


This week we’re mixing things up! Stepping away from our normal video newsletter format, our next couple posts will contain a two-part interview between myself and my father Dr. Lowell Weil Sr. as I ask for his insight into running a practice, dealing with hurdles in the healthcare system, and adapting to the ever-changing landscape…

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Creating Patient Advocates


Rounding out our focus on marketing, Dr. Greg Berlet discusses his strategies of cultivating doctor-to-patient relationships so that the individuals served by your practice are more inclined to spread the word about your business. Building that rapport with patients is vital in order to turn them into advocates of your practice – a patient who…

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Physician Liaison Programs


Diving back into the topic introduced last week, Dr. Chris Milkie talks about the ins and outs of crafting a physician liaison program within your practice. Creating an effective physician liaison position can be one of the most potent marketing strategies, as it keeps you top of mind in the consciousness of other doctors in…

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