The Worth of Physician Referrals

This week Dr. Matthew Dairman rejoins us as we switch gears from online marketing tools back to offline strategies. In previous segments we’ve discussed how building a relationship with your community and promoting patient referrals is paramount to the long-term success of your practice. However, putting in the extra effort to earn consistent referrals from your colleagues in the medical field can also lead to major increases in profitability for your practice.

Dr. Dairman lays the groundwork for a larger discussion by describing just how impactful physician referrals can potentially be to your bottom line. In doing so he sets the stage for next weeks video, at which point we’ll dive into the concept of a physician liaison program to make the process of securing physician referrals an even simpler one. So check out Dr. Dairman’s overview of the topic and be sure to follow up with us next week when we’ll get down to brass tacks on the matter.


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