The Production: On-Stage vs Back-Stage

When it comes to finding your ideal patients and engaging in your practice more, it is important to make sure you have the proper mindset. As doctors it is our duty and privilege to serve the community, but in order to really resonate with your patients you need to provide more than a simple service – you need to provide an experience. This week Dr. Matthew Dairman presents us with the metaphor that every medical practice is like a staged theatrical production in which each and every patient is the star of their own show.

Dr. Dairman illustrates the ways in which you and your staff can guide the patients’ experience as supporting cast members to ensure the show goes off without so much as a single break in character or forgotten line of dialogue. This week’s video is all about making sure that from the moment a potential patient makes contact with your practice, their experience is not only a positive one but one that will earn rave reviews, referrals, and bring in more patients seeking the star treatment that only you and your staff can deliver.


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