Physician Liaison Programs

Diving back into the topic introduced last week, Dr. Chris Milkie talks about the ins and outs of crafting a physician liaison program within your practice. Creating an effective physician liaison position can be one of the most potent marketing strategies, as it keeps you top of mind in the consciousness of other doctors in your area who are happy to refer patients your way. However, implementing a physician liaison program can be tricky, and it’s important to make sure the intentions of you physician liaison aren’t misinterpreted as salesmanship.

Dr. Milkie discusses the ways in which your practice can get the most out of a physician liaison. What qualities make someone a good physician liaison? What do they do to encourage other doctors to refer patients to your practice? And perhaps most importantly, how do physician liaisons cultivate relationships with other medical practices without seeming disingenuous? All these questions and more will be addressed in this week’s video.

Check it out!

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