Engaging In Your Practice

In our posts the last two weeks, we heard from Dr. Lowell Weil Sr as he and I talked about the state of the medical industry and the trajectory we may be headed as healthcare providers. In the face of certain challenges it can be easy for many podiatrists to get worn-down and experience overwhelm, so this week we’re taking a step back to focus on realigning ourselves as we strive to solidify our sense of fulfillment as doctors.

Dr. Chris Milkie was one such disenchanted doctor several years ago. However Dr. Milkie found several methods and strategies that he used to reinvigorate the love for his work and regain job satisfaction. Implementing many of these techniques is quick and simple – they can be tremendously impactful not only on you as the doctor, but also serve to improve the experience of both your staff and patients. Check out this week’s video to discover the best ways to recapture your engagement with your practice.


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