You went to school to learn medicine, not marketing. But is your business thriving, or simply surviving?

Stop standing on the sidelines.
It's time we put you in the game.

Join Foot & Ankle Business Innovations in Miami, FL March 8-10th 2019 - and take control of your bottom line.

Topics Designed to Grow Your Practice!


And at FABI, you'll learn from Doctors who are thriving, not just surviving.

Doctors, not gurus.

Real people who solved real problems. Eager to share with you the innovative business solutions that took them from working IN their business all of the time, to working ON their business.

These guys not only work incredibly hard, but they work SMART. Spending time with family is key. You'll see them on the fairway at the country club, and you'll see them out in their communities.

FABI Special Guest - Bob Whelan

Bob Whelan is a renown innovator, educator and team builder.  Bob is one of the most inspiring speakers you will ever hear.  He has a knack of bringing out the best in his audience to help them achieve the success they desire.  Bobs vast experience with students, parents, Boards of Directors, and industry titans make him incredibly unique.  His passion is infectious.  You will not see someone like Bob Whelan at any other Podiatry conference.  He has previously met with FABI Mastermind and they left clamoring for more.  Well here it is.  Bob is not to be missed.


At FABI, you have a team of top notch surgeons coming together to share best strategies on how to build your business. Take your practice to the million or multi-million dollar level with a wealth of information from those who actually live what you live and do what you do. Doctors, not vendors.

It's unprecedented.

FABI is breaking down barriers for practice and patient care. When we collaborate, opportunities increase for everyone. Be among the first doctors to embrace this new way of thinking - and among the first to see huge results.

Exploring your WHY?

We all work hard for our patients, our families and for the practice.  Why are we doing it? What is the driving force?  Before you can understand what you want to accomplish and how you can accomplish it, you need to understand why you are doing it.  This session will help everyone get energized to move forward in their lives with an appreciation of where they are and how those around them have similar feelings and challenges.  This is not touchy/feely but a true exploration at what drives us and commonly used by high end corporations and professional sports.

FABI 2019 Faculty Members

Lowell Weil, JR., DPM, MBA

Entrepreneur and C.E.O.
Weil Foot & Ankle Institute
Founding Partner, Foot & Ankle Business Innovations

"Building a successful medical organization is a careful combination of innovation and stability. We built a renowned multi–office practice using proven business strategies to increase our efficiencies – which leaves more time for real innovation to occur. Innovation + efficiency = profit."

Dr. Christopher Milkie, DPM

Partner, Milwaukee Foot and Ankle Specialists
Faculty, Foot and Ankle Business Innovations

Matthew Dairman, DPM MS

Founder/Director, 1Foot 2Foot Centre for Foot and Ankle Care
Faculty, Foot and Ankle Business Innovations

“It’s okay to be a doctor and an entrepreneur.  An intentional practice is a healthier practice.  Consistently provide more in value than you receive in payment, be more creative than competitive and you will enjoy the business of medicine as much as the practice of medicine.”


We are methodical and research driven.


We require more than just theory - we want tangible results. At the top of our field, we are distinguished, highly effective, and trusted as an invaluable resource for our patients.

But why does our skepticism desert us when it comes to the growth and financial success of our practice - our business?

Conventional methods and wisdom tell us that if we are smart enough, people will find us on their own. If we are at the top of our class, our practice will rise to the top on its own. Yet when we see someone else's practice hit the million dollar mark, leaving us behind, we call it luck.

"We're already doing everything right. We're great doctors. They were just luck."

Would you keep treating your patients with a method that only worked with the right luck?

Probably not. if you engaged in that kind of magical thinking, you'd be laughed out of the field - not to mention sued for malpractice.

So why do you treat your business that way?

IT'S TIME TO Pull back the curtain and see how the mega groups thrive

Working smarter, not harder, its just about being an efficient doctor. You need to understand the mechanics of the day-to-day operations of your business as well as every step in a surgical procedure.

The metrics don't lie.

There are million dollar secrets behind successful billing, collections, coding and dashboards.

Secrets that allow you to:

    • Capture all the revenue that you generate.
    • Manage your cash flow.
    • Maximize efficiency with the right software, and the right skills to use it.
    • Know when to say goodbye to a client.
    • Learn how to manage clients post surgery.


  • Its it right for you to bring in new associates or merge practices?
  • What's the ROI for large scale investments in equipment?
  • How can you best capturing ancillary revenue, including the big profits that can come from adding small retail sales to your practice?
  • What role does research play in making your practice millions?
  • How can you build relationships with clients to increase revenue and referrals?

We'll investigate these questions, and teach you how to gain presents and positioning in your local market. With FABI, you're not alone.

Embrace possibility, not passivity.

The FABI business model gets you home to your family – with plenty of time to hit the links
(or whatever you do to relax and rejuvenate).

It would be foolish to overlook the game changing moments in business and profit–making opportunities in today's market and not apply them to our industry. Our goal is to get you comfortable with the "sales and service" model that is key to thriving in the next generation of medicine.

FABI Guarantee

If at the end of the first day, you don’t feel you’ve gotten your money’s worth, hand in your materials and FABI will refund you the cost of admission and your travel expenses!  No Questions Asked!!